Medicare PLanning is brought to you by Central States Insurance Services/LTC Solutions - For over 35 years, Central States Insurance Services has been providing state of the art solutions to meet the long term care needs of thousands of producers and consumers.  Our history is rich in marketing only top of the line, quality products from companies committed to the Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care Insurance Markets.  We believe that more than any other dedicated agency, we have established and continue to maintain daily relationships with the chronic care provider industry.  We follow each claim to assure that the benefits promised at the point of sale are readily available at the time of need.

We are an independent agency.  As such, our choice of product selection of insurance carriers and on going relationship with the health care provider community is based on the value they will bring to the policyholder at the time of claim.

The Central States Insurance Services community of companies includes Central States Financial Services and LTC Solutions.

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