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Plan F is the most popular Medicare supplement in Michigan. It covers 100% of the approved expenses that your Original Medicare does not pay. PLan F is gauranteed renewable and your total out of pocket costs for hospitals and doctors cost nothing. 

Plan F vs. Plan G – What’s the Difference?

Medicare Plan F offers first day coverage.  What this means is that Plan F will cover both your hospital and your Part B deductible.  Medicare Plan G, which is most like Plan F (but costs less) because you agree to pay for the Part B deductible.  For 2018 the Part B deductible is $183.  If you can find a Plan G that saves you $183/year in premium – it makes sense to explore this option

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As a side note, we have also seen recent trends that indicate that the annual rate increases on Plan G seem to be far less than that of Plan F.  Plan G appears to have a lower loss ratio, which results in lower premiums for the policyholder.  One possible scenario for this is because Plan G is attractive for people that do not need to go to the doctor on a frequent basis.  These people may only go to the doctor once per year for their annual physical (which is covered by Medicare at 100%).  This beneficiary, if they had Plan G, not only has a lower monthly premium but they also didn’t have to pay the $183 deductible because they didn’t have any chargeable doctor visits or outpatient medical procedures.There are several plans that offer lower premiums.  These should be taken into consideration as you make your Medigap plan selection.  Also, please keep in mind that Plan F will be discontinued in 2020 and only grandfathered in thereafter for those who already have it.  It’s important to review all of your options with a reputable insurance specialist before making any decisions

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